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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings...

Okay, so we all know that there is wrapping paper and then...there is wrapping paper.   There are creative, whimsical, and beautifully wrapped gifts and then there are...well..just wrapped gifts.

First let me make a short statement or disclaimer of decency-  when we are given gifts by friends and loved ones, what matters is the thought behind the gift and the act of giving.  The manner in which the gift is wrapped is of no importance or can sometimes be endearing when one is wrapped by a child or an "unskilled" wrapper.

But sometimes, the way a gift is wrapped can also be a small part of the gift.  This Christmas (or Hanukkah), consider taking a few extra minutes to select gift wrap, and to take some time to wrap the gift for your friend or loved one.  When you take pride in how your gift looks and you know that you took some special time to carefully wrap it, then you deliver it differently.


You should give it a try, you may be surprised.  Just remember that it doesn't have to be luxury paper or expensive ribbon...a little creativity goes a long way.   You can use candies or lollipops, or even round stickers to create polka dots on solid paper.  Remember that you have a wide selection of amazing papers in the scrapbook section of craft stores that can be used for smaller gifts.  


Of course there is newsprint which can be beautiful with bold colored ribbons! And old sheet music which is the ultimate choice for vintage inspired wrapping.  You can also use fabric and lace in creative ways to decorate your presents.

Below, I have included some lovely selections that I recently discovered,  as well as several websites where you can find wrapping, ribbon and gift tags!

As you can see, there are many choices from traditional papers to non-traditional papers.  These selections were pulled from the following websites:

Two of my favorite sites include: www.mjtrim.com and www.whimsypress.com.

What are your favorite sources for gift wrap and ribbon?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome Back From The Turkey Coma!

Well...I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your families!  I also want to thank my clients who have been keeping me very busy!  I have really enjoyed getting back to my creative "roots!"

I would like to announce a new blog post schedule! I will now be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and a weekend edition on Friday or Saturday.  I will be doing special feature posts as well- These will be periodically added throughout the upcoming months.  This new schedule will ensure quality posts and enable me to take care of all of my clients as well.

As many of you know, Life By Design has a professional shopping/sourcing service, and I would like to announce that I will be adding personal/holiday shopping to my services this year.  I also have a gift wrapping service for the holiday season.  Please check the business website at www.lbdcarolinas.com for details!

Thanks for all of the support!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Magic Of Metal For the Holidays...An Etsy Treasury Feature!

Well it is only a week or so until we celebrate Thanksgiving and I am starting to feel a little festive!  I wanted to share a great "back up plan" or "default decor" idea with you for making your home more festive this year for the holidays.

Many of us are trying to save money and perhaps you are entertaining multiple times throughout the season and want to make your home festive without going on a special shopping excursion for a carload of decor?  Well, start going through your home collecting anything metallic with beautiful reflective surfaces.

Everything from silver mirrors, picture frames, candlesticks, votives, ribbon,boxes etc. can be placed in groupings in entry hallways, bathrooms and tabletops to create lovely vignettes.  By simply adding several live plants to the groupings, you have all you need to create instant warmth for the holidays!

Today's Etsy Treasury Feature looks at some amazing and festive metallic finds on Etsy....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspiration In Photos...

I write a lot about inspiration..and how it can come from the most interesting, surprising sources.  Inspiration surrounds us in all forms and sometimes a photograph can spark the most amazing feelings and bring us back to our center...better preparing us for more faith-filled LEAPS!







I feel better...How about you?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Winter Is For The Birds...

Since I have been cleaning up my yard in preparation for the cold winter months, I have birds on the mind!  I am currently cleaning and preparing my feeders for the long winter....so PLEASE do not forget the birds.

Food sources can be scarce in the winter months and birds need foods that are high in calories and fat.  Suet, oil sunflower and peanuts are really good options for birds.  It is also essential to have a variety of types of feeders that are out of direct wind and are placed near a row of trees or a place for birds to perch.

And just as important is a water source!  Make sure that your bird bath can be kept in use year-round and use a bird bath heater to provide a constant source of water for the birds.

And best of all....is the show!  In those dreary winter months it is a gift to look outside and see a beautiful red cardinal!  So go ahead and get started...the birds are waiting.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Temporary Wallpaper Plus Good Design!

We all like choices.  And when it comes to personalizing our spaces, the more choices the better!  Even more,  the prospect of many choices at a wide variety of price points PLUS ability to do-it-yourself is heaven....For me,  this algebraic equation equals PAINT.  Paint has always been the number one transformative tool for me whether I was renting a room or redecorating an entire home.

Over the years I have fallen in and out of love with wallpaper multiple times, but always consistent has been the lack of the "do-it-yourself" element.  There have definitely been times that I have wanted to try wallpaper in a hallway or powder room and have passed on it for paint because I wanted to just get on with the project!

I recently discovered temporary wallpaper and I am excited to show some of the beautiful patterns that are available for this product!  The first company is Tempaper Designs and their product appears to be the easiest to apply.  It literally sticks to the wall like contact paper, but looks like traditional wallpaper!

As you can see, you don't have to sacrifice good design to get convenience.  When I look at their papers, I immediately want to give them a try somewhere in my home.  The website is www.tempaperdesigns.com.
Have you tried any of these papers in your home?  Please let us know!

I also wanted to share another resource that I have discovered for traditional pasted wallpaper, but also a wallpaper called "paste the wall."  So there is no hassle of pasting the paper and folding it to set it etc.  It is supposed to be very simple and easier to take down.  This is also very appealing to me!  The site is www.grahamandbrown.com.  There are hundreds of beautiful choices for Paste The Wall, so it is worth a look!

It seems as though we now have more choices in the wallpaper arena!  This is always a good thing. If you have tried temporary paper or paste the wall papers, please share your experiences with us!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Etsy Treasury Feature...Inspired By Stripes!

Today's post is an Etsy Treasury Feature!  I have to admit that I have a love of almost all things plaid or striped!  Whether the patterns evoke a mod feel or are a nod to retro, I enjoy them all.  I felt inspired by a beautiful combination of colored stripes that I recently saw on a wool scarf and voila...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Foliage From The Blue Ridge Mountains This Year...There's No Place Like Home!

Fall is my favorite season.  Each year when the very first sign of chilly weather arrives, I rejoice.  Take a look at some of my photos from this year.  It is just a little place I like to call home...

I hope you enjoyed your leaf season as much as I enjoyed mine.  These photos were a taken in the same general area in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!
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