What does Life By Design offer me?


       Simplify.  Organize.  Redesign.  Renew

Life By Design is a small business focused on helping individuals and families create a more orderly home environment by creating simple systems to: organize the "stuff," refresh rooms by adding simple elements and color, and maintain the order easily.

Can I benefit from any services offered?

  • My family has a two-car garage but we cannot park in it...or one vehicle will fit...barely.
  • We have a great attic space...I think...I have never been up there.
  • We have an "extra" room for all the things that we don't know what to do with...well we know what to do with them...we cram it all in that room.
  • I feel like we are always late or running behind schedule.
  • We don't have a family information center.
  • I love the idea of a space where we can scrapbook, draw, do school art projects,etc.
  • I like my furniture and my living room, but we never use it.
  • Our dining room looks like Campaign Headquarters the night before election day...or like a library.
  • I would never hire an interior designer...that is too expensive/intimidating and I don't need a completely new room, I just want some help using what I have... or a fresh objective perspective.
  • Our son is going to college in 6 months and you should see his room. Not to mention that I have no idea how to put together a nice dorm space for him.
  • I have a relatively clean and orderly home....just please don't open any closets or cabinets...or drawers.
  • I spend a lot of time in my car and judging from its interior, it should be condemned.
  • I have most all of the things I need...and I spend most of my time looking for them.
  • My elderly mom is moving out of her home into assisted living and I don't know where to start.
  • My kids are switching bedrooms around and I dread the drama.
  • We have a finished basement and the kids need a place to play but how do I get it to look like anything other than a dungeon?

If any one of these options sound remotely familiar, you can benefit from one or more of the services offered by Life By Design!  Addressing these types of challenges doesn't have to be overwhelming and it isn't a long and complicated process.  All it really takes to improve your environment is commitment, some effort, and enlisting the help of someone who has a completely unbiased and open mind...as well as skills to complete it.

First comes the phone call...ask any questions, tell us your concerns and we will let you know if we can be of service!  If you decide that you would like a consultation, then we schedule a consultation in your home!  We walk through designated rooms of your home and discuss different options.  I take notes, ask questions and sit down for a moment to compose a plan with details including costs.  You keep a copy and decide if you would like to schedule a start date! 

Please keep in mind, this is a no pressure visit! let me explain...We work closely with clients through this process to create personalized solutions for you and your family.  If you feel pressured to commit to something, then ultimately the process of getting things in order for you starts to breakdown when you are not sure you want to be doing it.  It is one thing to have some doubts and need some help throughout the process, but another thing altogether when you just are not interested or committed to doing it.  We want happy clients and success stories for families!  "Pressure" does not contribute to a success story for you!  

Call with any questions you  may have regarding services.

We serve Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. If you are outside these areas, please visit the site regularly for all kinds of tips and photos.

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