What does Life By Design offer me?


I earned my B.A. from The College of Charleston in both Studio Art and Art History, where I painted large-scale oil paintings and studied Advanced Color Theory. My combined studies were perfect complements for an informed perspective on color and composition as well as an appreciation for the vital roles that art and architecture play in our lives everyday.

Later, I was able to expand on my knowledge of art and my innate organizational skills by managing the galleries of a nationally recognized artist in Charleston, SC. In addition to running the daily affairs of 2 fine art galleries, I redesigned the spaces in both galleries including paint, fabric selection, space planning and gallery graphics. Thankfully, merchandising and maintaining the overall presentation of the gallery were integral parts of the business...As this laid the foundation for the next step in my career.

In time, I worked my way up to Visual Merchandising Manager for a new store in the Mercantile family and then Saks, Inc. group. As I trained with some of the most talented stylists and Visual merchandising experts in the Southeast, I learned more in the first 2 months of that experience than anything I had done before collectively. It was visual display boot camp as we worked tirelessly to style, set floors, paint walls, select furniture, create floral arrangements, develop branded shops and dress hundreds of new forms and mannequins to open a new multi million dollar store.

Ultimately, we opened a new separate home store as well and the presentation of both became my responsibility. On any given day, I could be found selecting paint colors, purchasing props, creating floral arrangements, organizing merchandise or resetting department floors. I was then chosen as part of a travel team to open new stores and I learned even more.

Visual Merchandising amped up my creativity and taught me how to transform spaces and create warmth and interest in unexpected ways!

Most recently, I built a career in corporate sales. Throughout my years of travelling all over the state of North Carolina, I learned how to be a good listener to better meet the needs of my clients. I spent a lot of time making presentations and coordinating and organizing large events from 3 to 50 people, and attention to detail and organization was paramount to my success in that industry.

Throughout my years, regardless of my profession, I was always creating something on the side! I have made jewelry for many years and had success selling it, I have created commission floral arrangements and I have transformed every space in which I have lived...multiple times (and yes...they really needed it).

I am grateful for my experiences and I am excited to get back to my creative roots!

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