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Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013...The Year of the Big "Edit"

Happy New Year to Everyone!  Can you believe it is 2013?  What is your 2013 going to look like?  According to my Yahoo horoscope, my year will be a better year than 2012.  I will take that.  Of course you know the rule for horoscopes is the same for fortune cookies... All positive predictions become the gospel, all negative predictions are simply...well, yahoo and Chinese fast food fortune cookies.  

I have decided that my 2013 will have a theme. We will get to a theme song, in a minute, but for a theme,  this will be the year of the EDIT.  There are a lot of different ways to look at it- but for me, it will mean essentially that I am working towards simplifying my life in numerous ways...a "cleaning out" of sorts. Editing out: drama, negative people, fears, wasted energy, excess, etc.

 I do not intend to over-analyze or attempt some major life change, but merely to get started on slowing down a bit, "not acquiring in excess" and enjoying each moment as it occurs.  This sounds a bit lofty as I say it, but you have to start somewhere. And I am not aspiring to "finish" it this year, but merely get started. 

I also intend to continue surrounding myself with color and art that makes me happy and inspired. This is something that I started years ago, and has created much joy for me throughout the years.  Because of this, I will share my thoughts and inspiration regarding art as a major part of the blog this year. 

Well, it is time to get started.  Do you have a theme for your 2013? A theme song has not come to mind yet.  The soundtrack we attach to our lives is quite important.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share! 

Again, Happy New Year!

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