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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Gustavian Style Trend....Less Really Is More!

Gustavian...of or relating to the reign of the Swedish Kings or any one of the Swedish Kings named Gustavus...what?  I know, that is what I was thinking.  Maybe this will help.

Jacqueline deMontravel of Romantic Homes magazine describes Gustavian style as "the functional country version of a decadent French palace."  Now we are getting somewhere!  Gustavian is essentially Swedish design that embraces light airy spaces, pale milky blues and grays and simple lines.  As a young man, King Gustav of Sweden spent some time visiting Versailles and fell in love with the ornate french style of Louis XVI.  King Gustav returned home and these influences were eventually translated into a more simple, but equally rich aesthetic that became Gustavian.

swedish interior design white gustavian living room eclectic living room
                                               eclectic living room design by london interior designer swedish interior design

As with the other styles that we have been reviewing for 2012, Gustavian evokes a specific feeling or mood. There is a definitive nod to European History with this aesthetic and one cannot help but feel regal in its surroundings.  The richness of this style comes not only with its implied history, but in its carefully edited sophistication.  One of the hallmarks of this style is a lack of unnecessary ornamentation and minimal use of accessories.

Swedish vignette eclectic
                                                  eclectic spaces design by seattle media and blogs Splendid Willow

Kathleen Burke Design traditional dining room
                                 traditional dining room design by san francisco interior designer Kathleen Burke Design

When you begin to consider Gustavian style, think of linen and muslin, slipcovered furniture, and blue and white china.  The colors that were most popular in the Gustavian period were grey, yellow ochre and swedish blue, and the finish associated with this style of furniture is a dull matte finish.

Gustavian Gray Bureau by Chelsea Textiles traditional dressers chests and bedroom armoires

                                   traditional dressers chests and bedroom armoires design by The Picket Fence

Take a look at the following sites for some beautiful items in the Gustavian tradition.  

Do you have any sources for Gustavian items or Swedish antiques?  Do you think that this is a style that you would like to incorporate into your home?  let us know what you think!

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