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Friday, February 17, 2012

Did Someone Say Mint Julep?

Did Someone say Mint Julep?  Because the next big style trend for 2012 is Horse Country!  Okay ladies, how many of us wanted that pony when we were little girls and we never got one!  Well here is our chance to fill our homes with horse decor and be totally legit...We can become "horse" people overnight!  It simply takes a little imagination and a little time to create your own "mini estate."

Country Home in Butler, Maryland  - Interior Design by Johnson Berman traditional home office
                                       traditional home office design by baltimore interior designer Johnson Berman

As you may already know, this style is classic and traditional featuring dark furnishings and leather as well as velvets and plaids... Think classic Ralph Lauren or Biltmore Estate.  Jacqueline deMontravel of Romantic Homes magazine describes it as "handsome and layered."

CLASSIC eclectic living room
                                           eclectic living room design by new york interior designer Anthony Baratta LLC

CLASSIC traditional staircase
                                    traditional staircase design by new york interior designer Anthony Baratta LLC

As you begin your search for equestrian goodies, look for worn leather, silver, plaid blankets or upholstery, equine art and prints, trophies and horse-show ribbons.  The good news is that this style often overlaps with some of the other top trends we have discussed such as vintage and farmhouse styles, as well.

Chantilly Equestrian Horse Dinnerware traditional dinnerware
                                                               traditional dinnerware design by Gracious Style

Trophy Cups traditional accessories and decor
                                                         traditional accessories and decor design

Stanley Signature Furniture New American Chest modern dressers chests and bedroom armoires
                                                modern dressers chests and bedroom armoires design by Layla Grayce

Barbara Cosgrove Lamps Two Horses Table Lamps eclectic table lamps
                                                                  eclectic table lamps design by Candelabra

Okay y'all...saddle up!  Check out www.horsecountrycarrot.com for some serious inspiration!  And of course, www.ralphlauren.com.  Do you already have a little equestrian influence in your home?  Where do you like to shop for your horse country items?

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