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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Are You Tackling 2012 With All Your Might? If Not...Get Started On One Of These Goals!

Here we are coming to the end of the month of February 2012....are you "taking on" this year the way that you had planned?  Some of us create new year's resolutions and some of us avoid them like the plague, but either way, as the new year arrives... we all feel the opportunity to refresh and reboot.  We may write down goals or we may verbalize them-

We all need to remember that we have opportunities every day to refresh and reframe our approach to the world, even if it may only require a tweak or two.  Last year, I found a list on tipnut that features 11 goals that can be utilized or personalized to enhance our lives and I thought I would share them with you.

It is never too late to start your "new year" every morning- or each Monday!

  • Choose one new thing to learn-  learn to speak spanish, paint with oils, crochet, cook a gourmet meal, drive a stick shift!

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  • Eliminate just one negative distraction from your life.  Do you waste too much time reading negative celebrity gossip or watching too much News television or politics?  Anything that is just a noisy distraction for you, however small...just say NO.  


  • Embrace one positive influence.  refocus on nurturing a special relationship that has been neglected, save 5 minutes each morning for meditation or reflection, create a special window of time on Saturday or Sunday to do a craft with your kids or walk your dog, join a church.


  • Honor your family.  Recommit to express more forgiveness in your family.  Show a little more support and practice random acts of kindness in your home.  Express your gratitude for someone in your family or a characteristic of one of your family members at dinner.


  • Nurture your home. Look around for areas that need improvement and get something done.  Use what you have to fix up, clean up and pretty up!  Make more home cooked meals and eat dinner at the table together.  Bake cookies or a cake once a month for your family!  

Mt. Shadows traditional living room
                                                              traditional living room design by seattle architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

I have shared the first five goals today and will complete the list on my next post... if these seem overwhelming, then pick one. Start small and feel empowered to do more as you succeed on the first one!    

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