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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got Jewelry?

Over-The-Door Jewelry Organizer
Photo courtesy of Longstem Productions

I will be reviewing products several times a month on the blog and today is the first review!

Today, I want to share a review of a product that I love.  I recently purchased the Longstem Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer from Longstem Productions online.  Over the past year, I have been searching for a way to organize my jewelry and actually have the ability to see all of my options at one time.  I had been using the small drawer inserts that are stackable for several years and I just got tired of sifting through the stacks...not to mention the fact that the inserts are dark velveteen and I could never really SEE my jewelry well in the drawers.

I found this organizer on the web and I was cautiously optimistic.  I wasn't sure if it would be durable and I couldn't tell if it would hold most or all of my jewelry.  When it arrived in the mail, I was impressed at the weight and durability of it as well as the multiple hanging options.  Once I placed it over the back of my bedroom door and loaded it up with costume  and vintage jewelry, I was thrilled!

It holds all of my jewelry. There is virtually no assembly.  It can be mounted on a closet wall or placed over a door.  It is very durable and high quality.  Best of all, I can open my door and see all of my jewelry at one time, it is literally like I am standing in Dillard's and looking at the jewelry display!

If you enjoy wearing your jewelry and need a new option for organizing and displaying it, I would recommend this item!  Several friends who have visited my home have noticed  and commented on it.  And we all have plenty of unused space behind doors in our home.

The product sells for $59.99 plus shipping.  It is available in a bronze or white finish.  This company also sells organizers for men and children.  One more step towards progress and away from chaos!  Thank you Longstem Productions!


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